Dior – Designer of Dreams Exhibition at the V&A Museum

Dior: Designer of Dreams – The Sunday Review

This weekend saw the opening of a feast for fashionistas and anyone interested in beautiful design. The Dior – Designer of Dreams Exhibition at the V&A Museum

Visually it really is a stunning feast for the eyes but even more than that it is an incredible testimony to the designer who, after the austerity of the war years, brought beauty and style to the female figure. You can feel the history behind each piece documenting a time of elegance, beauty and change. A time when life was to be celebrated and lived.

Dior himself died young in 1957 (he was only 52), but those few years left a legacy that is still inspiring and resonating in the world today. His design house was only ten years old when he died, but his vision and ideals are still alive and well today.

The exhibition brings us pieces designed by Dior himself and also from the Creative Directors who have led the fashion house on, from strength to strength, since his death.

And now the V&A have brought the collections together, and what wonderful hands these pieces are currently in. The curation is inspired, the presentation impeccable. The clever use of mirrors bring each piece to you from every angle and the visual effect is stunning.

Christian Dior is such a recognisable name and yet I knew very little about the man himself. My visit to the V & A today has shown me what an incredible talent he was. Although he has been gone for over sixty years, Christian Dior is very much still inspiring and enchanting us.

Tickets for the exhibition are sold out throughout February but it is open until July 14th. Members can visit anytime for free and although there was some rather long queues today we didn’t have to wait too long.




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