Winnie and Wilbur: The Monster Mystery by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

Oh, how I love Winnie and Wilbur. I discovered them when my son was small and now he’s much bigger I still love reading them (I think he has a sneaky peek too).

The partnership between Valerie’s words and Korky’s illustrations works incredibly well. Korky’s rather stunning art work brings her characters and words alive. His illustrations are filled with humour and there is so much to look at, discuss and chuckle over on each and every page.

Some years back now, I saw him at a literary festival. He held the children captive and had both them and the adults in fits of laughter as he chatted and drew Winnie and Wilbur before our very eyes. It was incredibly memorable. I love his attention to detail and it never fails to amaze me when I look through the books. Winnie always looks rather wonderful in a swimsuit to my mind and her party dress in Happy Birthday, Winnie, is particularly marvellous

There are lots of books to choose from if you are new to these curious, charming characters but the latest offerings are a great place to start. They are just wonderful and I heartedly recommend them.

Winnie and Wilbur: The Monster Mystery

Winnie and Wilbur decide to explore

the MYSTERIOUS forest that surrounds

their home. They want to discover just

who has been leaving the STRANGE

FOOTPRINTS on their lawn. Their foray into the

FOREST is just the start of a WILD and WOODED

drama but will they solve the MYSTERY?







Winnie and Wilbur make every day

SPECIAL! An outing to the museum

turns into a DINOSAUR discovery,

they use MAGIC to make a birthday

party EXTRAORDINARY, and when they

fly over a ruined CASTLE it’s the start

of a thrilling day of MEDIEVAL mayhem.

Both books were published by Oxford University Press in paperback on 7th March 2019.

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