Summer Reads – The House of Light

Books to be swept away with this summer…

There are SO MANY great books around at the moment and so I’d like to share a few that I think are particularly exciting.  I’m not going to plop them all together in one post but give each the opportunity to shine in it’s own right…

Hold on to your hats… here are my summer 2019 recommendations.

The House of Light by Julia Green

Recommended for Middle Grade (9+) & above…



Here’s the synopsis:

Its always just been Bonnie and Granda, living off the land, keeping to themselves and out of trouble.  Until one day, Bonnie goes scavenging on the beach and finds a battered rowing boat, and a bare-footed boy.  He’s cold, hungry, and in need of shelter.  Bonnie knows it’s a crime to help this stranger boy, but she can’t leave him for the border guards to find.

The longer she cares for the boy, who has travelled across oceans for anew beginning, the more Bonnie longs for her own freedom.  Perhaps it’s time toe scape the life she has always known, to move out of the darkness, and set sail for the house of light…



The House of Light was published in by Oxford University Press in June and you can f buy it here (also your local indie will be able to get hold of it too if they don’t already have a copy.). 

ISBN: 9780192771568


Read it already?  Please feel free to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Happy reading and I hope you have a fabulous summer!


One thought on “Summer Reads – The House of Light

  1. Loved this book- think it’s a great book to consider the background and reasoning to becoming a refugee – especially look at in comparison to books like No ballet Shoes in Syria, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, Anna’s War and The Closest thing to flying.


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