Book post – The Morgans and the Jewel of Bar-Ran by K.T.Dady

The postman has been a calling again and brought me this little beauty which has now been added to my tbr list…


Your world isn’t the only one that exists. There is another, a magical place called Bar-Ran, and it’s about to be destroyed unless the Morgan children can find the royal dragon and replace its heart. They are five siblings who are magically transported to a strange land during the night. All they want to do is go home, but a wizard sends them on a journey to rescue the powerful Jewel, and it is a journey that changes their lives forever.

This book is suitable for Harry Potter fans and those who enjoy discovering new places like Neverland, Wonderland, and Narnia.

This is the first book in the series

The Morgans and the Jewel of Bar-Ran is available in both paperback and eBook.

You can find our more about author K.T. Dady by visiting her website.

You can follow K.T. Dady on twitter at @kt_dady

Many thanks to the author for sending me this copy of The Morgans.


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