Worzel Gummidge by Barbara Euphan Todd

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Here’s a Tales Before Bedtime recommended book gift.

Worzel Gummidge

by Barbara Euphan Todd

Perfect for KS2

When John and Susan see the SCARECROW standing in the middle of a field in the pouring rain, he doesn’t look that REMARKABLE.


But when he turns up at the cottage to warm himself by the fire, they realize that this is a very special scarecrow indeed.

His name is WORZEL GUMMIDGE, and he’s about to fill the children’s world with


This much-loved story about everyone’s favourite scarecrow is sure to captivate the imaginations of readers everywhere. 

I remember Worzel Gummidge when I was a child and so I was VERY excited to hear that there is a new BBC adaptation coming to our screens this Christmas.  Boxing Day and December 27th to be exact!  So there couldn’t be a more perfect time to introduce your young readers to this loveable, magical Scarecrow.

You can follow Worzel Gummidge on Twitter at @WorzelTV

Worzel Gummidge is published by Oxford University Press.


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