Shadows of Winterspell by Amy Wilson

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Here’s a Tales Before Bedtime recommended book gift.

Shadows of Winterspell

by Amy Wilson

Perfect for children KS2, KS3 and above.

The edge of the forest is a bright moonlit line, hung with the charms and tatters of spells.

Stella has been living behind the magic of Winterspell Forest for most of her life.  Lonely, she enrolls at the local school but as she begins to make friends, discovers that she is at the heart of a fae legend that could change everything.

As autumn turns to magical winter, Stella realizes that confronting her own family secret is the only way to release the forest from the shadowery grip of a dark and bitter magic…

I absolutely adore Amy’s writing and each book she produces enthralls me even more than the last.

You can follow Amy on Twitter at @AJ_Wils

Shadows of Winterspell is published by Macmillan Children’s Books 




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