The Christmas Unicorn by Anna Currey

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Here’s a Tales Before Bedtime recommended bookish gift.

The Christmas Unicorn

by Anna Currey

Picture Book Perfect

A little girl,

a magical friend,

a perfect Christmas

Christmas is only days away when Milly meets a unicorn.  He patters softly into Grandpa’s house on a snowy night and suddenly Milly’s world is filled with magic, friendship, and the happiness she has been hoping for.

A heart-warming story for everyone who believes in the magic of Christmas.

This is such a sweet little tale of a young girl missing her dad and home whilst she’s away at Grandpa’s house.  A snowy white Christmas Unicorn called Florian arrives and helps Milly’s Christmas wishes come true.  This delightful picture book is beautifully illustrated and reminded me of the style of Judith Herr, Shirley Hughes  and Raymond Briggs.  

The Christmas Unicorn is published by Oxford University Press.


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