The Move by Felicity Everett

Happy New Year!  2020 has arrived and I am, as always, incredibly excited about all the fantastic novels that await us in the year ahead… And oh my are there some absolute crackers.  I’m delighted to kick off the new year here on Tales Before Bedtime by hosting the blog tour for the thrilling new novel from Felicity Everett, the author of The People at Number 9…Dear reader, I’d like to share with you The Move.


From the author of The People at Number 9, a new story of nightmare neighbours…

Can you paint over the cracks in a marriage?

Karen has packed up her life and is making The Move. She’s on her way to the idyllic country cottage which her husband has painstakingly renovated for her. They’re escaping the London bustle and the daily grind. And they’re escaping their past.

A fresh start in a beautiful, peaceful village. It will be different here, right?

But something is awry. The landscape, breathtaking by day, is eerie by night. The longed-for peace and solitude is stifling.  And the house, so artfully put together by her husband, has a strange vibe. Now that Karen is cut off from her old friends and family, she can’t help wondering if her husband has plans of his own, and that history might be repeating itself.

From the author of the bestselling The People at Number 9 comes a dark and redemptive tale of a rural dream gone wrong…


My thoughts

There is a sense of deep unease right from the opening pages as you join Karen arriving at her new home .  She is recovering from a breakdown and finally joining her husband at their new, idyllic country cottage. Everything has been sorted, organised.  He has spared no expense or effort to make sure that she arrives to a ready made home, complete with studio for her to work in. There is a darkness to the mood though.  I found it unnerving that she had payed no part in the decision to move there or even in choosing the decor etc. Karen arrives at the house in darkness, blindly finding her way to the cottage she hits a fox.  there is blood on her hands as she enters the house and this, I feel, is a perfect beginning, setting the scene brilliantly for this thought-provoking thriller.  Her mind, we know has been troubled but we really don’t understand the full extent as to why and it is an unsettling but strangely gripping story that Felicity unfolds with an expert touch.

Karen and Nick are hoping for a fresh start, the chance to begin again and to rebuild that trust that was lost.  What is really behind Nick’s motives and can she ever really trust him again?  Strange, unnerving events begin occur that cause Karen to first question her safety and then her own mental health.  Yet beneath the tenderness of this loving husband lies something else, something darker, and there were times when I feared for her safety. Is this quiet hamlet really the safe and rejuvenating place he promises it to be? Or are the neighbours also harbouring their own dark and deadly secrets? Things are often not quite as they seem and there is a twist in this tale and the ending, once I paused to take it in, I found incredibly interesting and refreshing.

The Move is due to be published in Hardback, eBook and Audiobook on January 23rd, with a paperback edition coming in August.

Thank you so much to the lovely people at HQStories for inviting me to take part in this Blog Tour and for an ARC.

About the author

Felicity Everett

B1TvyDzxiiS._US230_Felicity Everett grew up in Manchester, lived and raised her family of four in London and returned from a four year spell in Melbourne, Australia to live in Gloucestershire in 2014.  Afet an early career in children’s publishing and freelance writing, she published her debut adult novel The Story of Us in 2011. Her second novel, The People at Number 9, published in April 2017.


You can follow Felicity @ittymay and on Facebook, Felicity Everett – Author.




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