A Stranger On The Beach by Michele Campbell

Today I’m delighted to be taking part on the very first day of the blog tour for A Stranger On The Beach by Michele Campbell.


Strangers on a Train meets Fatal Attraction in Michele Campbell’s edge-of your-seat story of passion and intrigue.

There is a stranger outside Caroline’s house.

Her spectacular new beach house, built for hosting expensive parties and vacationing with the family she thought she’d have. But her husband is lying to her and everything in her life is upside down, so when the stranger, Aiden, shows up as a bartender at the same party where Caroline and her husband have a very public fight, it doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary.

As her marriage collapses around her and the lavish lifestyle she’s built for herself starts to crumble, Caroline turns to Aidan for comfort…and revenge. After a brief and desperate fling that means nothing to Caroline and everything to him, Aiden’s obsession with Caroline, her family, and her house grows more and more disturbing. And when Caroline’s husband goes missing, her life descends into a nightmare that leaves her accused of her own husband’s murder.

My thoughts

Novels such as these are always difficult to review. You don’t want to give away even the slightest spoiler and so it can be hard to be too detailed. The suspense is all in the unknown and Michele builds it brilliantly with A Stranger On The Beach. The story begins with Caroline. She appears to have everything, is living the ‘American dream’ with a wealthy, successful and handsome husband, a daughter she adores and her dream house – still smelling of new paint and the promise of a bright, perfect future. Despite this Michele begins the story surrounding Caroline with a sense of isolation, she is alone at the beach house, the summer people have left and returned to the city and all that remains is Caroline alone in her dream house, a cranky, unsociable, elderly neighbour and the stranger on the beach.  Her perfect life is not all it seems and secrets and lies soon bubble to the surface. It’s not long beforeeverything Caroline holds dear is falling apart around her ears. At the end of her tether she embarks on an ill-advised one night stand that changes everything forever and unleashes a sequence of events that can only end in bloodshed.

There are clues scattered throughout as to where the story goes but Michele carries you on one hell of a rollercoaster making it difficult to settle on a conclusion right until the very end. Unreliable narrators, I believe, are at the heart of that. You never know quite what or who to believe. There are, after all, always two sides to the story and Michele uses that to brilliant effect. This is an incredibly exciting read, I read it pretty much in one sitting and would say this is going to be a massive hit this year. It would make the perfect read at any time of year but I can it see it being on many a ‘perfect holiday reading’ list.

Thank you so much for the lovely team at HQStories for inviting me to take part in this blog tour and for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

A Stranger On The Beach is available now on kindle, audiobook and in paperback.

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About the author

Michele Campbell

Michele Campbell is a graduate of Harvard University and Stanford Law School. She worked at a prestigious Manhattan law firm before spending eight years fighting crime in NYC as a federal prosecutor. Her debut novel It’s Always The Husband was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller.

You can follow Michele on Twitter at @MCampbellBooks

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