Diary of a Confused Feminist by Kate Weston

Today I’m delighted to review the fantastic debut YA novel from Kate Weston, Diary of a Confused Feminist.


I feel like, in an equal world, there would be more penis admin …” Kat Evans doesn’t know much about feminism, but she does know this. Utterly hilarious and boldly honest, Kat tells it how it is – and it is INCREDIBLY embarrassing. 

15-year-old Kat wants to do GOOD FEMINISM, although she’s not always sure what that means. She also wants to be a writer, get together with Hot Josh (is this a feminist ambition?), win at her coursework and not make a TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT of herself at all times.

But the path to true feminism is filled with mortifying incidents, muddling moments and Instagram hell. And it doesn’t help that Hot Josh is just, well, properly, distractingly hot.

And when everything at school starts to get a bit too much, Kat knows she’s lost her way, and the only way forward is to ask for help … 

Bold, authentic and laugh-out-loud funny, Kat’s diary fearlessly navigates mooncups, mental health and #TimesUp – perfect for fans of Geek Girl, Juno Dawson and Sex Education.

My thoughts

This was an absolute wonderful read. It made me chuckle, laugh out loud, cringe on Kat’s behalf, and cry a good few tears. Kate has tackled the subject of feminism and mental health in teens with wit and sensitivity. It can after all be a mind-field and even more so for our young women today. Teenage years are tougher than they’ve even been. Not only do our teenage girls have to cope with ever increasing exam pressure, living up to the unrealistic expectations of image and lifestyle plastered across social media, ever changing hormones and bodies, friendship issues and now the pressure to save the planet and fly the flag for feminism. That’s too much pressure for anyone! Add into the mix a nasty bully and her hangers on and any one of us would find it just a little too much. Kate captures the tension, frustration and the overall mental effects brilliantly. In fact she hits the nail right on the head brilliantly.

As I watch events and feelings unfold through Kat’s eyes there were times I was overcome with emotion. I could relate to her myself, as will anyone who has suffered from anxiety. I so wanted to hug Kat and tell her that everything would be okay. I will definitely be putting a copy in the school Library for our young ladies. I think Kat is 15-year-old that many will be able to relate to and Diary of a Confused Feminist speaks out about being open about mental health and how often we are not as alone as we might feel. Help is always close at hand. Kat is certainly a confused feminist and it’s not hard to see why – there are SO many rules, so many people misinterpreting what feminism is all about but through Kat we get to see things a little clearer. This is a super debut and I certainly hope there will be more to come from Kate Weston.

Many thanks to Netgalley for gifting me a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I think being a feminist is probably more about supporting each other, lifting each other up and getting equality.

About the author

Kate Weston is a former stand-up comedian who still gigs from time to time and likes nothing more than a proper giggle. Kate lives in London with her newly-acquired adorable kitten Angus. DIARY OF A CONFUSED FEMINIST is her debut novel.