Around the world with Jeremy Decoursey, and LEGO!

Today I am delighted to hand Tales Before bedtime over to the rather delightful author Jeremy Decoursey.  His debut novel novel for teenagers, I Have a Hunch is available now in both paperback and ebook.  This book looks just my cup of tea and I can’t wait to read it.  I do love a good murder mystery!  Please read on and I’ll tell you a little more about I Have a Hunch but for now I’m delighted to hand over to Jeremy talking travel, Lego and adventures around the world.

Around the world with Jeremy Decoursey, and LEGO!

When not working (or writing), I love to hop on a cheap flight out of London and explore new places. As part of my preparation for going on holiday I always find a LEGO mini-figure to take with me. This is so I can take a slightly different tourist photo than everyone else. Here is a small selection of the places I have been and the photos I have taken.



Egypt has always been on my list of places to visit. I have been interested in the country and the history since I was a little kid. When I got the chance to go I knew I wanted to do as much as possible. My four-day tour was incredible as we visited multiple pyramids, the sphinx, the temple at Carnack, and the Alexandria Library.




This was a very spontaneous trip to Chernobyl, as my flight to Egypt was via Ukraine. After a bit of internet research I realised that there were tourist trips to the old towns surrounding the disaster zone. The tour itself was wonderfully informative, yet spooky to see a city lost to the elements. It felt very much like a film set, and it wouldn’t have surprised me if I had turned a corner to see a props crew setting out some of the abandoned paperwork around.


Red Square


I travelled to St. Petersburg and Moscow during the FIFA World Cup in 2018. I decided to take this particular LEGO figure as I thought it would be funny to have a red square in Red Square.






I had a weekend break in Paris while I was working on the HBO show Gangs of London. I took this photo from a restaurant which had unprecedented views across to the Eiffel Tower.





I don’t usually do my LEGO photos when I’m at home in London. However, this is one of the exceptions to this. I’ve always enjoyed driving past the bright lights of Harrods but never stopped to take a photo of it. I thought that including the LEGO Sherlock Holmes was a good idea – you don’t get more British than Sherlock!

About the author

0-1Jeremy DeCoursey grew up in Weston-super- Mare. He graduated with a Triple Distinction BTEC in Film Production, before moving to London to work in the film industry. As a Location Manager, he has worked on BBC’s Sherlock, Star Wars: Rogue One, Paddington, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, to name a few!

Besides reading and writing, Jeremy enjoys watching films, seeing musicals and travelling to far- flung places. He lives in London and has a kitten named Artemis.

I Have a Hunch is Jeremy’s first novel for teenagers. It’s about a teenage girl called Alice who is tasked with solving a murder mystery with her Uncle Humphrey, a world-famous detective in London. I Have a Hunch is available now in paperback and e-book.

Twitter: @DeCoursey
Instagram: jeremy_decoursey

I Have A Hunch: A Humphrey Bach Mystery

by Jeremy DeCoursay





Summer holidays are for relaxing;

not for getting involved with mysterious murder investigations.

If only Alice had known that before she went and spent the holidays with her Uncle Humphrey.  A world famous private detective who gets tasked with finding the killer of millionaire Victor Tymm.  With the clock against them, will Humphrey and Alice find the murderer before someone else is struck dead?

This sounds super exciting! Many thanks to Jeremy for sharing his worldwide Lego adventures with us and for sending me a copy of I Have A Hunch.  It looks fab and I’m very much looking forward to diving in.  Thanks also to the lovely Hannah for inviting me to take part in this blog tour.  It’s always lovely to hear from you.

I’ll try and get a review loaded asap but in the meantime why not go and grab yourself a copy too. Perfect for young teens (and those of us young at heart too).


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