Tales of Unexplained Mystery by Steph Young

Today I am delighted to be hosting the blog tour for the tantalising Tales of Unexplained Mystery by Steph Young.


Tales of Mystery Unexplained….What happened to Elisa Lam, found dead in a water tower atop a hotel roof? Who were the two men who came to see her and what was in the mystery box they gave her? Why did the location of her gravestone match the zip code of a Bookstore, miles away?

Why was a man found in the same spot he disappeared, but 4 years later, with a hole in his head that no surgeons could explain? And what did this have to do with a séance, doppelgangers and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?

Why did a man write the Fibonacci sequence as a and tell a stranger he was “Looking for the Beast,” before he disappeared in the barren plains of a desert? Plus many more Tales of Mystery Unexplained.


My thoughts

This is an intriguing set of mysteries that will leave you with unanswered questions but half the fun, I find, is coming to your own conclusion as to what really happened.  Steph puts forward each mystery with enough information to grab your interest and her research must have surely been a fascintaing process.  Each story differs in length, location and time period but all ignited my curiosity. At times chilling, it’s unnerving to think these are true events and I wonder if the truth will ever come to light.


About the author


Steph Young has appeared on national radio shows and podcasts including the UK’s The Unexplained, and Coast to Coast Am, talking about many of these mysteries.
You can also hear some of these Unexplained Mysteries on her podcast on iTunes ‘Tales of Mystery Unexplained.’



You can find out more about Steph by visiting her website: Stephyoungauthor.com
You can follow Steph on Twitter at @StephYoungAuth
and on Instagram at  @authorstephyoung


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