A little poetry – and the world sighed…

Good evening lovely readers, I hope you are staying safe and well in these strange, strange times.

I have a Facebook page for Tales Before Bedtime. It is tiny with a handful of followers but even the smallest of things can bring great things to the world. A few years back I ran a children’s creative writing club. It was called Story Makers and it was great fun and gave me the opportunity to work with some wonderful young people. I do miss it at times and so I thought I would this opportunity to share some writing prompts via my Facebook page, in the hope provide a little inspiration for readers to create something and take them away from themselves for a short while. Creativity can be a great healer.

My first prompt was a partial sentence… to use or to inspire in any which way it might. Lovely Eva, who occasionaly shares a book review on Tales sent me the poem below. It is rather beautiful and I’m delighted, with her blessing, to share it with you today.

…and the world sighed

by Eva

No one was around,

No one was making a sound


No one on the streets,

No one is looking for anything to eat.


All it was, was one announcement,

For everything to be abandoned,


One more announcement,

For everywhere to be bombarded.


So many announcements, one after the other,

All is does is make the world sigh and sigh again.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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