The Storm by Amanda Jennings

Today I am delighted to be hosting the blog tour for The Storm by Amanda Jennings.


To the outside world Hannah married the perfect man. Behind the closed doors of their imposing home it’s a very different story. Nathan controls everything Hannah does. He chooses her clothes, checks her receipts, and keeps her passport locked away. But why does she let him?

Years before, in the midst of a relentless storm, the tragic events of one night changed everything. And Hannah has been living with the consequences ever since. Keeping Nathan happy. Doing as she’s told.

But the past is about to catch up with them.
Set against the unforgiving backdrop of a Cornish fishing port in the ‘90s, this is a devastating exploration of the power of coercive control in a marriage where nothing is quite as it seems…

The Storm by Amanda Jennings

My thoughts

I could literally feel my pulse racing as I read this! I loved Amanda’s previous novel, The Cliff House when I read and review it last year and oh my does this latest offering not disappoint. The Storm is brilliant and definitely one of my books of the year.

There is something incredibly unnerving about abuse. It can come in many forms and is often not noticed by the outside world. What goes on behind closed doors can be far different from what the world sees. To his local community, Nathan is a hero. Loving father and husband, successful lawyer and yet he still has time to help out in the community. He is adored and respected by many. But behind the facade is a man who is controlling, manipulative and powerful. His perfect marriage is a sham but only his wife and son know the real Nathan. He is very careful of that.

Amanda is a master at creating atmosphere and building tension, it pulls you through the story as you watch the reality of Hannah’s marriage and what she endures on a day to day basis. Why won’t she leave!? Why doesn’t she just tell him where to go!? I could feel the emotion and anger building in me and I can quite honestly say I really hated Nathan Cardew. There is of course so much more to the story and Nathan it seems has a very powerful hold over his wife, one that she knows she’ll never excape from. But things have a habit of coming to a head eventually and oh my, what a ride it was indeed.

This was such a great read. Reading it after the recent period of lockdown, when my thoughts often went to women who may not feel safe in the homes they were now trapped in, it hit home just how destructive obsession, control and this psychological abuse can be.

Thank so much to the lovely team at HQ Stories for inviting me to take part in this blog tour and providing me with a digital copy. Amanda Jennings is an author I would thoroughly recommend. I love the darker side she brings to the beautiful setting of Cornwall too. 🙂

About the author

Amanda Jennings

You can find out more about Amanda by visiting her website here.

You can also follow Amanda on Twitter at @MandaJJennings

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