The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson by Lauren H Brandenburg

Today I’m delighted to be jumping onboard the blog tour for the The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson by Lauren H Brandenburg.


Roy Blackwell has proposed to Margarette Toft. A controversial decision given their families are sworn enemies!

Soon Coraloo’s feuding clans are competing to organise events for the most talked about wedding of the year… and glorious chaos ensues! But as the depth of the two families’ animosity becomes clear, Roy and Margarette’s relationship begins to falter.

Then Roy unearths a town secret involving the mysterious marriage of Innis Wilkinson and a murder. Parallels between the past and present rock the couple even further.

Bur, as the whole truth comes to light, Roy and Margarette learn more than they could have imagined about love, family, and finding a place in the world.

Heart-warming and charming, The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson will inspire joy and laughter.

The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson by Lauren H. Brandenburg is available now in paperback and ebook.

My thoughts

Oh, but this is a gorgeous, sparkling gem of a novel! It was one of those books that is a compete joy to read to the point I felt rather bereft when I reached the end. Everything about it is wonderful, from the enticing cover, to the charming and colourful characters, right down to the beautiful prose that Lauren writes.

Margarette Toft and Roy Blackwell are engaged to be married. They have found each other, fallen head over heels in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Preparing for a wedding can be challenging and stressful in normal circumstances but unfortunately the Blackwell and Toft families have been bitter enemies for a long, long time. So lets just say things don’t move along a smoothly as every betrothed couple hope.

I adore Lauren’s story building. Right from the very beginning I was swept away in to the slightly strange town of Coraloo. The inhabitants as strange and interesting as the town’s history which is fed to us gradually through this charming and bewitching tale. Lauren paints a slightly surreal yet vibrant world where traditions reign supreme and grudges are held firm and fast. This strange tale of sparring families and new love soon becomes even better when Lauren throws a murder mystery into the mix and I have to say I adored every single part.

As the story progresses we slip back to the past and visit Innis, a young seamstress as she dreams of a life outside of Coraloo, a life that glitters with love and adventure. A life that certainly doesn’t include the rather dull Wilkin Wilkinson who is so desperately in love with her. The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson is so beautifully written with skill and care and Lauren brings the stories of Roy and Margarette and Innis and Wilkin seamlessly together. But will there be a happy ending for both of our couples or does the mysterious alleged murder leave them heartbroken. I whole heartedly recommend this gorgeous novel, Lauren is a truly gifted storyteller. I now also have a copy of The Death of Mungo Blackwell, which I am very much looking forward to reading. This is one author that has leaped to the top of my firm ‘favourites’,

Thank you so much to Fern at Lion Hudson for inviting me to read and review The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson and take part in this blog tour. It has been an absolute joy. 🙂

About the author

Lauren H Brandenburg is a mentor, speaker, and author who happily blurs the lines between traditional genres. She lives with her husband, Jamie, and two children in a. lovely little town just south of Nashville, Tennessee where they laugh a lot.

If you enjoy The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson as much as I did then you may well enjoy it’s predecessor, The Death of Mungo Blackwell .

Lauren H. Brandenburg

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