Brilliant books for children! – Publisher Showcase – Oxford Children’s Books.

I am very lucky to be sent some amazing books for consideration by publishers and it’s always a thrill to see what’s out there for our young book lovers today. So, today I’d like to share my favourites and showcase some of the amazing books that have been published by Oxford Children’s Books. I hope you’ll see something that will be perfect for your little book worms in the making.

Find these and many more wonderful books for children by visiting the publisher’s website

Ballet Bunnies is the cutest new series by author Swapna Reddy with gorgeous illustrations by Binny Talib. The colour ways are gorgeous and the stories utterly charming. These will delight any young dance lovers (or bunny lovers). Come along and meet the Ballet Bunnies – Dolly, Fifi, Pod and Trixie.

These are an enchanting set of chapter books and there is a fourth due to join the series next year.

Big Words For Little People: Kindness by Helen Mortimer & Cristina Trapanese

This board book is a wonderful way to introduce the power of words and feeling to little ones. In Kindness we look at ‘Welcome’, ‘Sharing’, ‘Giving’, ‘Understanding’, ‘Listening’, ‘Helping’, ‘Caring’, ‘Being thankful’, ‘Loving’, ‘Taking turns’, ‘Thoughtful’ and, of course, ‘Kindness’. There are also some helpful tips at the back to help you get the most of the book. It’s very sweet and well presented. I’m sure it will be a joy to share whilst introducing these important subjects.

Dancing with Doughnuts is the latest in the Freddies Amazing Bakery series by Harriet Whitehorn and illustrated by Alex G Griffiths

This would make the perfect early reader for lovers of Strictly and Great British Bakeoff!

Freddie Bonbon is the most AMAZING baker in town, and although life is busy, he alwasy makes times to help his friends!

So when Amira needs a new dance partner for the Talent Show, Freddie steps in. But rival Bernard is waiting in the wings with some naughty tricks up his sleeve.

Watch out Freddie!

Freddie is fabulous and this is a lovely chapter book for young readers. There is definately a higher text content than early reader books, but the illustrations keep it fun and not overwhelming. These books are wonderful as the stories are engaging and the books feel a little more grown up to children without being too text heavy. There are still plenty of illustrations, but they aren’t in colour, subtly moving their reading forward to middle grade fiction,

Kitty and the Great Lantern Race by Paula Harrison with illustrations by Jennt Lovlie

A magical adventure by the light of the moon.

Kitty and her classmates are taking part in a lantern parade through the city. the glittering fairy lights and glowing lanterns look so pretty in the darkness. But there’s a dastardly thief sneaking through the crowds and stealing anything that sparkles…

It’s a race against the clock! Can Kitty catch the thief and return the stolen items before the lantern parade ends?

I adore the Kitty series. These chapter books are just beautifully illustrated, and Kitty is a fun, courageous character who always manages to save the day. If you and your young book lovers haven’t discovered Kitty yet, then may I recommend her to you now and I’m delighted to say there is a wonderful backlist to enjoy.

The Accidental Prime Minister Returns by Tom McLaughlin

In The Accidental Prime Minister, Joe Perkins was trying to save his local park when he accidentally ended up being Prime Minster. In this hilarious sequel, Joe is back. The people need someone to remind them about the good things in life; about how we can all come together to make the world a better place. Where there is grumpiness, may we bring giggles, where there is jelly, may we bring ice-cream, and where there are chairs, may we bring whoopee cushions!

Joe Perkins, first kid PM, is back and ready to make politics fun again.

Tom brings us yet another wonderful instalment in his ‘Accidental’ series of books and they just keep getting funnier and funnier. Absolutely brilliant books for boys and girls aged 7upwards (and us grownups too!).

Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre is available now in a glorious hardback edition.

Welcome to another brilliantly quirky adventure story from creative powerhouse Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre. Bumbleford has been hit by a series of biscuit thefts. All the clues lead straight to the only roly-poly flying pony in town, and Max’s best friend, KEVIN! Max and Kevin are forced to go on the run. Will they find the real culprit before Kevin ends up in pony prison?

Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre are a dream team when it comes to engaging, laugh-out-loud books to get young children hooked. Combined with the beautiful publications that Oxford create and you have an absolutely winning formula to get children reading. Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit is hilarious and am absolute joy. You won’t be able to resist story time.

Take a little peek inside…
Mirabelle Gets up to Mischief by Harriet Muncaster

I adored Isadora Moon and so how excited was I to discover this latest series from Harriet Muncaster that is devoted to her rather naughty, but rather fabulous cousin, Mirabelle.

I do love a little bit of mischief, especially where there is magic involved – but don’t worry Mirabelle is lovely, friendly and fun with a good heart so this will be a lovely adventure. As always it’s beautifully produced and Mirabelle’s story has been gven a bewitching purple throughout and lots and lots of sparkle. Perfect for young chapter book readers aged 5+ and 7+.

Leo’s Map of Monsters of Monsters: The Armoured Goretusk by Kris Humphrey & Illustrated by Pete Williamson

Oh, but this is glorious! Aimed at reader aged 7+ it is a stunningly illustrated adventure story. An absolute joy to read and enjoy – with adventure, a good amount of peril to keep it exciting and brilliantly imaginative creatures it is sure to keep you young readers engaged. the publisher say it is suitable for fans of fantasy films such as Star Wars and readers who have enjoyed the Beast Quest books.

When Leo opens his assignment envelop on his ninth birthday two words stare back at him:


But before he has time to ask any questions, he’s whisked away beyond the village wall to meet his new boss, the Guardian.

As the Guardian’s apprentice, he must protect his village from the monsters that lurk in the surrounding forest. Armed with a slingshot, magical stones, and a strange map, Leo is given his forst mission – to do battle with an angry Armoured Goretusk.

Victoria Stitch: Bad and Glittering by Harriet Muncaster

Author of the Isadora Moon series and now the mischievous Mirabelle, brings us a story for older readers (9+) with Victoria Stitch: Bad and Glittering. I, for one, can’t wait to read this. It is very enticing indeed and as always is stunningly illustrated by the author, Harriet Muncaster.

The crystal keeper gazed around him at the shards of impure crystal, glittering furiously on the floor, and shivered with a terrible sense of foreboding.’

Twins, Victoria Stitch and Celestine, are denied their royal birth-right. Celestine accepts the decision with good grace, but Victoria Stitch is consumed with her obsession for power. The twins are like moonlight and sunshine – could it be possible to break free of the role you have been given, rewrite your story, and change your own destiny?

The Soup Movement by Ben Davis

Ben Cowley is another absolute favourite of mine. He is known for the Joe Cowley books and of course What’s That in Dog Years? which was published last year. So, I am really looking forward to reading his latest middle grade novel, The Soup Movement. It looks just the ticket and I have no doubt it will be a hit with readers aged 9+. He has this knack for tapping into teh thoughts and feeling of our young people and writes humourous and thought-provoking reads. He also has one of the best author picture that I have come across…

Batman and Robin? or is it author Ben Cowley and his faithful sidekick?

About the book

To aid his recovery from a life-threatening illness Jordan and his family move out of the city for a healthy new start. Jordan’s getting enough funny looks as the new boy at school as it is, without his Mum giving him homemade soup every day for lunch! But when Jordan meets a homeless man called Harry, and gives him the soup, it is the start of an unlikely friendship. Soon the two of them begin giving soup to the other homeless people around town and when his sister shares their antics on Instagram the #SOUPMOVEMENT begins-they even make it on the news!

That’s the end of my Oxford Children’s Book showcase for this time but do checek out their website for more great books.

Happy reading!

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