One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Oh but what a miserable weekend it has been. The less we say about the weather the better and the news is dismal so I can’t think of anything better than jumping onboard the final day of the blog tour for One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan.


Gayle is a highly successful and motivated business woman, but her success has come at a price – she hasn’t spoken to her daughters, Ella and Samantha, for years. But when Gayle has an accident at work, she realises she needs to make amends with her family.

And so she invites herself to join Ella and Samantha for their Christmas in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. The sisters are none too pleased that their mother has inserted herself into their Christmas plans. They have each other – and don’t need their mother back in their lives. Or so they think…

As they embark on their first family Christmas together in years, will the three women learn that sometimes facing up to a few home truths is all you need to heal your heart?

One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan is available now on eBook, paperback and on audiobook.

My thoughts

Oh, but this was an absolute delight! Halloween is done and dusted, the daily news is simply depressing and the weather outside my window is wet, grey and miserable. So, what could be better than escaping into a Sarah Morgan novel? Well, a Sarah Morgan Christmas novel ticks all the boxes for me right now. I closed my curtains, put on my snuggliest pjs, grabbed myself a hot toddy and fell into this wonderful story.

One More for Christmas is the perfect antidote to the world at the moment. It has it all. Family drama, Christmas magic and of course a little romance. Wonderful. Sarah knows exactly what she is doing. She has certainly had enough experience, but I have to say that no matter how many of her novels I read, I never feel like I’m walking over the same ground.

This time we enter the lives of Samantha, Ella and their estranged mother Gayle. Gayle has been anything but the perfect mother but of course her only desire was to protect her daughters from pain and suffering by building up their resilience ad independence. Yet they don’t see it quite like that and it’s been five years since the girls have been in touch with Gayle…and when they do finally meet again, well, there are a few shocks in store for them all.

Determined to make amends Gayle insists that they all spend the Christmas holidays together. But Gayle ‘doesn’t do’ Christmas but she knows how much it means to her girls and tries her best not to be her old self. So, they all travel to Scotland for Christmas in the hope of a fresh start but old wounds run deep and it’s not long before tensions begin to rise again.

If this novel were a Christmas cake, it would be absolutely delicious. With the beautiful landscape of the Scottish Highlands, delicious food, loveable characters, family conflict, the breaking and mending of hearts, unexpected romance, a gorgeous Scottish man, reindeer and snow, all wrapped up with the magic of Christmas, I simply devoured it. It made me laugh, cry and best of all it made me smile and re-awoke a warm cosy feeling inside.

Thank you so much to the team at HQ Stories for inviting me to take part in this blog tour and for gifting me a review copy via Netgalley. And thank you to Sarah for writing another wonderful story to escape into. Reading your Christmas books is a tradition I long hope to continue. It was an absolute joy to read.

About the author

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is a Sunday Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She has sold more than 18 million copies of her books and her trademark warmth and humour have gained her fans across the globe. Sarah lives near London with her family and when she isn’t writing or reading, she likes to spend time outdoors walking or riding her mountain bike.  

Join Sarah’s mailing list at for all book news. For more insight into her writing life follow her on Facebook at www.facebook/AuthorSarahMorgan and on Instagram at @sarahmorganwrites Contact Sarah at

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