She by Shelley Fallows

A Little Bit of Flash Fiction…

She pushes open the door and listens to the familiar squeak as the hinges complain about the movement. Like old bones. It’s a comforting sound. The stresses and strains of the morning begin to wear away. A different world lies before her; a world of magic and adventure. Just where would she go to today?

Still for a moment, she stares at the possibilities before her. She can travel anywhere her heart desires, so strong is her magic. It carries her to places far and wide. She can live a thousand lifetimes and see the things that only dreams are made of.

She closes her eyes and steps out. Today she flies amongst the stars, their tiny specks of dust cover her,  shining and illuminating her with wonder and a power so strong it could make time itself stand still.

She can be whoever she pleases, wherever she pleases. She breathes the freedom of a story untold, a world not yet created. Who is she?

She is of course, a writer.

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