Get A Grip, Love by Kate Lucey

Happy publication day to Kate Lucey for her brilliant and brutally honest book about suffering from depression, Get a Grip, Love.


We’re all talking about mental health a lot more now than we were ten years ago, which is great . . . isn’t it?

Kate Lucey has been ‘officially’ depressed (as in, diagnosed) for six years. In that time she’s experienced everything from bad therapy, knock-out meds, and friends-with-too-many-opinions, to good therapy, medication, and solutions that actually work.

This book recognises that getting help is not as easy as ‘just telling someone’ or ‘taking some pills’. It weaves real peoples’ experiences of depression with the opinions of actual qualified experts and facts from scientific studies to create a no-nonsense guide to mental health.

Funny, irreverent, and relatable, Get a Grip, Love also tells you what to say to those mates who fancy themselves as amateur psychologists, and speaks honestly about how it feels to live with a mental health disorder.

Crucially, as well as poking fun at mental illness and all its absurdities (because what are we without laughter, hey?), Kate reminds you that it’s fine not to feel ok. That you can go back to crying at any time. And that you do not need to get a grip.

My Thoughts

There is so much talk about Mental Health – and that is a good thing but sometimes it can be a little sugar coated and when you’re in the depths of depression the ‘help’ offered can often make you feel like you’re failing and that everyone else is even doing depression better than you. Kate’s book is honest and forthright. It’s dark at times, it’s sweary, she certainly doesn’t hold back from the reality of the black dog and what it can do to a person. It made me realise that although each person’s depression is entirely unique to them it is also the same. The shame, the sense of failure, the feeling that no-one understands – these I think are common links. Yet for those who want to ‘help’ the answer seems oh so easy but it rarely is and it’s incredibly helpful to have that pointed out.

If you suffer from depression (on any level – it’s not a competition) then this book could help you feel a little less alone. It could help you see that you are NOT failing but that you are actually rather incredible and unique. It doesn’t promise to cure you but it might just help you find a light in the tunnel and feel you’re not alon.

If you haven’t suffered from depression (lucky you) but you know someone who does then you need to read this book even more. It will give you a little insight as to what can go on behind the veil of depression. It will also show you that you are not failing when you try to help but that sometimes you just can’t help. You just need to be there.

Thank you so much to the lovely people at HQ for inviting me to take part in this blogger day to celebrate the publication of Get a Grip, Love. Thank you Kate for having the courage to write it. This book will make a massive difference to so many people.

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