turn to shadow by Shelley Fallows

Hovering on the edge
the shadows surround me
cold, damp
          a place of torment
Teeth clenched
poised, ready to fall
'Release', I cry
          taught muscles fight back
Breath, long and deep, rattling
down through to my belly
Only then can the day be 
Blue sky stretches high
white clouds just out of reach
Imagine, I ask of you,
for one moment,
a world
where there was no one 
to save us
          from the shadows.
Shadows begin to lengthen
long fingers outstretched
trying to reach me
the haze on my peripheral
is creeping in until
all is misted in gloom.
My eyes seek out the blue sky again
movement crosses 
a bird, free, flying
The breeze and liberty flowing through
it's wings.
A noise draws my attention sharply away
I turn
The shadows 
I must leave
I must leave now
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

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