Game Changer by Neal Shusterman

I am a big fan of Neal Shusterman. I loved his Scythe series and it’s one I always recommend to students in the Library. So I was very excited to received a copy of Game Changer from the lovely people at Walker Books. Published on February 11th, Game Changer is available now in paperback, ebook and on Audiobook. And it’s bloody brilliant. Suitable for ages 14+ and beyond.


Ash is used to taking hits on the field for his high school football team – until he takes one that doesn’t just impact his body, but his whole reality. It starts with one small shift, but with each game, Ash finds himself pushed through a succession of universes which each differ from his own, where the small shifts in reality soon become significant shifts in Ash’s own identity. As Ash experiences life from other perspectives, he starts to question the world he thought he knew. for better or worse, the one thing Ash knows is that he’s got to find a way to put things back.

Game Changer forces it’s protagonist to think about how he can use his privilege to make change for the better, forcing readers to reflect on their own actions too.

My thoughts

When I try so sum this novel up in as few words as possible, dynamic, intelligent, thought-provoking…. well I could go on and on. The thing I love about Neal’s writing is that he has this amazing ability to focus on the important things going on in these times and he shines a light on them so we can see from all angles, even the ones we’d rather not look at. He makes the reader think about not only their actions but inactions too. But it isn’t just a lesson in morality but an engrossing and exciting read too. I loved the twists and turns, these along with his enviable ability to conjure the story from the pages of the book to our imagination are what keep readers young and old hooked, right until the very end.

Thank you to Kirsten Cozens and the team at Walker Books for sending me a review copy.

Find out more about author Neal Shusterman by visiting his website here.

Game Changer

by Neal Shusterman

A searing exploration of race, gender, and sexuality, this is a book which tackles the nature of privilege through a teenage American football player who is forced into a series of parallel lives.

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