Bright, glistening frost – A BrightSquare Challenge image

Brightsquare photo challenge – April 2021.

This theme is ‘bright’ and each image must be a square.

The glistening early morning frost and the leaves of a Rhododendron.

Today’s BrightSquare shows the textured green leaves clinging to the sturdy branch of the Rhododendron bush. It is early and frost still lingers. The sun, shining brightly will soon make it fade away. The warmth removing the tiny, bright, white that the chill has left. The bright side is that spring is here and the bush is in bud, a glory of colour waiting to explode. But for now just the beautiful green of the leaves and the white of the frost.

If you would like to find out more about the photography challenge or would like to take part too please visit Becky’s site at BrightSquare for more information (and some beautiful photographs too!)

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