Blackout by Simon Scarrow

Today I am delighted to take part in the Random Things blog tour for Blackout by Simon Scarrow.

When a young woman is found brutally murdered, Criminal Inspector Horst Schenke is under immense pressure to solve the case, swiftly. Treated with suspicion by his superiors for his failure to join the Nazi Party, Schenke walks a perilous line – for disloyalty is a death sentence. The discovery of a second victim confirms Schenke’s worst fears. He must uncover the truth before evil strikes again.

As the investigation takes him closer to the sinister heart of the regime, Schenke realises there is danger everywhere – and the warring factions of the Reich can be as deadly as a killer stalking the streets…

In the tradition of writers like Robert Harris and Len Deighton, Simon Scarrow brings a bygone era to life with rich clarity, lightly worn historical research and an eye for intrigue.

Blackout, the first in a new series is sure to win new fans while also appealing to readers of his Eagles of the Empire books.

My thoughts

Rich in well researched, historical detail Simon Scarrow’s Blackout is an excellent, tense and multi faceted thriller and begins what, I believe, will be a very compelling series indeed.

Horst Schenke is a criminal inspector who believes in the good of what he does. He wants to fight the war on crime in a country at war with Europe. Where many of his fellow officers have already signed up to join the SS, Schenke can’t quite get on board with those now very much in charge of his country. This is a world where differing views can get you killed and so he endeavours to carry on doing his job and keeping a low profile where his personal view on the Nazi Party are concerned.

However, Schenke’s reputation has brought him to the attention of the head of the Gestapo and he is summoned to the Reich Main Security office to investigate the murder of a woman who just happens to be the wife of a senior member of ‘the party’. Schenke is unnerved by the appointment, especially as he feels any one of the Kripo sections could deal with it but before long another body appears and he realises he is dealing with a serial killer. As he delves deeper the investigation takes a darker and more deadly turn as it creeps into the Nazi regime itself.

Blackout is not just a murder mystery but it is a thriller that looks into the reality of life in Germany in the early days of the Second World War. Even in the darkest of days, evil continues at home as well as away. Schenke is an interesting character, a man who wants to be a good man but is surrounded by corruption. I feel this will be an incredibly compelling series, one that will look into life behind the battlefields where those whose hearts are truly evil will try and hide their crimes in the shadow of the war.

Thank you to Anne Cater for inviting me to take part in this blog tour and to Headline for advancing me a review copy.

About the author

Simon Scarrow is one of the most successful British historical novelists of the 21st Century and a multiple Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author. After a childhood spent travelling the world, he pursued his great love of history first as a schoolteacher, before becoming a full-time writer. His Roman era Eagles of the Empire series has sold over 4million copies of the books in the UK alone,
and his work has been translated into 24 languages. He is also the author of a quartet of novels about the lives of the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte, Young Bloods, The Generals, Fire And Sword and The Fields Of Death; a novel about the 1565 Siege of Malta, Sword & Scimitar; Hearts Of Stone, set in Greece during the Second World War; and Playing With Death, a contemporary thriller written with Lee Francis. He also wrote the novels Arena and Invader with T.
J. Andrews.

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