Kitty Quest: Trial by Tentacle by Phil Corbett

Today I am delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for the brilliant Kitty Quest: Trial By Tentacle by Phil Corbett.


Dog Man meets the Lord of the Rings in this
epic laugh-out-loud graphic novel series about
two aspiring monster slayers. This is the perfect
new read for fans of Captain Underpants, Dog
Man and The Simpsons!

The islands of Pawdor are in peril once again! Ferocious sea monsters have been spotted on shore, and the townsfolk are in a complete panic. Luckily, Kitty Quest are ready to protect the land. So what if Woolfrik and Perigold are the only guild members (besides their mentor who’s a ghost), and it’s just their second week on the job?

How are these two amateur heroes supposed to stop a whole army of tentacled beasts? It may just take some quick thinking, a whole lot of luck, and a little help from the most unexpected of places. In order to save all of kitty-kind, Woolfrik and Perigold are going to have to learn to work together and prove that two heads are better than one.

Kitty Quest: Trial by Tentacle by Phil Corbett

My thoughts

Oh but I did enjoy this wonderful graphic novel by Phil Corbett. It is feisty, funny and a fantastically good read. Perigold and Woolfrik face their biggest challenge yet as they work together to save the people of Meowminster from the invasion of the Graspurts, a group of evil sea monsters. But surely they aren’t big or strong enough to defeat such a large group of undesirables. If only they could inspire some of their fellow residents of Meowminster to stand up for what they believe in then they might just do it.

This graphic novel is a super combination of colourful art work and text. Phil uses a good range of vocabulary with plenty of humour to challenge young readers as well as keep them engaged. Absolutely perfect for independent reading or sharing together with many laugh-out-loud moments. Trial by Tentacle is book two in the series. I thought Perigold and Woolfrik were excellent, and with new recruits to the Guild of Kitquaroo, I’m sure (and hope) they’ll be plenty more adventures to follow.

Thank so much to the lovely team at Simon & Schuster for inviting me to take part in this blog tour.

Kitty Quest: Trial By Tentacle is available now on ebook and in paperback.

About the author

Phil Corbett is a professional storyteller. He was the last person to write and illustrate the adventures of one of the oldest comic characters in the world, Korky the Cat, from the UK comic magazine The Dandy. He’s previously worked in the gaming and toy industry with clients such as Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, and PlayStation. Kitty Quest is his debut graphic novel. You can see more of his work at

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