Stories have always been an important part of my life, I cannot imagine a life without them, whether it be in the form of film, song, dance, poetry, a play, music and of course a book. Always blessed with a vivid imagination, I spent many of my school years daydreaming, always away in my own little world. Stories not only open our minds but they allow us to live an infinite number of lives; experience adventure, peril, love, loss and anything else that is contained within that short period of time when we can disappear within them.

I can still remember visiting the local library as a child. The children’s area was in a round building attached by a short corridor to the main library. There was something magical about that corridor; whenever I reached the end I could disappear into books and become The Naughtiest Girl in the School, Pippi Longstocking or travel up into the distant lands of The Faraway Tree. And so a passion for reading began. I now read anything from classics to science fiction and everything in between.

In 2016 I graduated with First Class Honours in English Literature with the Open University. This qualification is a culmination of my many years of reading together with further studies of literature in its many forms: from classics such as Shakespeare, Chekhov, and the Bronte Sisters to the modernism of Joyce, Du Maurier, Mansfield and Virginia Woolf and on to other twentieth century greats such as Philip K. Dick, Beckett, Heaney and Pat Barker. It also enabled me to explore my love of creative writing.

My journey so far has opened my eyes to many wonderful stories in all manners of genre and form and I look forward to bringing this insight and experience to help others on their journey of discovery. I’ve contributed expert reviews to websites such as Lovereading4kids, and worked with children of both primary and secondary school age. I have also inspired others to create their own stories with Creative Writing and Storytelling Workshops – a place where children write, draw and create their own stories.  This blog is a place for me to share books and authors that I love, my own writing and other creative outlets that fill me with joy. 

When you do things

from your soul,

you feel a river

moving in you, a joy."

  • Rumi

By day I work as a Senior School Librarian in which I spend my time surrounded by books and strive to entice teens, young adults and even the teachers to pick up a book and read.

And finally, I also look forward to adding my own stories to the wonderful treasure trove already out there. After all, everyone has a tale to tell… and to be a writer is a wonderful thing indeed.

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