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I am happy to receive ARC’s of books direct from the publisher for review and I will aim to read and review as many as possible.  The review aspect of my blog is to share and promote books that I have enjoyed and that I want to help spread the love (we all need a little love and books are no exception).  Therefore it’s important for me to enjoy the reading process and be able to provide the very best review I can.

If you are a publisher and would like to add me to your current reviewer list then please contact me via the form below and I will be happy to give you my postal details.

If you are an author and would like to send me a book to read and review then please also use the form below to get in touch with details of the book and I’ll be delighted to consider it.  I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to accept all submissions and I’m afraid I generally only prefer to read physical proofs/arc’s or finished copies rather than digital copies.

My Writing

Please note that all work published on this blog must not be used without seeking my consent.  I am however very happy for you to use quotes from my reviews and my writing but please do credit me as the author and I’d love to see where it’s been shared.  If in doubt do get in touch!

Thanks so much for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you.

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