Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 – Book Advent – Day Three

Day Three

Magnificent Birds illustrated by Narisa Togo

Walker Studios is an imprint of Walker Books. They produce the most stunning books that will mark the perfect gift for book lovers. The quality and finish is beautiful and perfectly compliment the talent of the illustrators and authors whose work is captured within. These are books that are a joy to pick up and read.

Magnificent Birds is filled with the most amazing illustrations from Tokyo born Marisa Togo whose lino-cut prints capture the beauty and magnificence of these incredible birds. Perfect for both art and bird lovers alike. Young and old.

IMG_20171203_185056From the bird-of-paradise that performs it’s extravagant courtship dance, to the godwit that makes the longest flight without stopping, discover incredible birds from all over the world. Explore the long-living, the rare and the spectacular, and celebrate the truly magnificent birds of our planet in this gloriously illustrated gift edition.


Magnificent Birds was published on the 2nd of November by Walker Studio.

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Christmas 2017

Christmas Advent – Books, Books, Books

December is finally with us again and with it advent begins. I always feel slightly nostalgic at this time of year. I remember the advent calenders I used to have as a child, festive pictures of Father Christmas and Christmas trees covered in glitter. Behind each door would be a small picture: maybe a star, maybe a beautifully wrapped pile of presents, a sprig of holly or even a Christmas pudding. I loved those calenders. They didn’t contain chocolate in those days but they were still exciting and magical. Well this year I thought I’d make my own virtual calender to share with you and this one will of course contain books!

Day one brings us a little something to get us in the Christmas spirit!

Red & Lulu by Matt Tavares

This beautiful picture book brings us the story of Red and Lulu, happy together in their tree until one day they are unexpectedly separated. We follow Red on his quest to find Lulu. Tired and hungry he begins to wonder if he’ll ever find Lulu again. Then he hears a familiar tune. Will it lead him back to Lulu and home? With stunning illustrations, this gentle story will be wonderful to share over the festive season and beyond.


IMG_20171201_211331.         dsc_0122601757033.jpg

Red & Blue was published on the 5th of October by Walker Books.

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