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The Deepwater trilogy by Claire McKenna

Today I am delighted to bring you another recommended read this summer and this time it’s part of the blog tour for Deepwater King by Claire McKenna

Now, Deepwater King is the 2nd in a brilliant new trilogy from Claire McKenna. If, like me, you are new to the series then lets begin at the beginning. The story begins with book 1…

Monstrous Heart by Claire McKenna

A sensational debut novel: gothic, romantic gaslamp fantasy at it’s very best. A magical tale of intrigue on dangerous waters and a love story for the ages. Perfect for fans of V.E. Schwab and China Mieville

Arden Beacon arrives in the salt-swept port of Vigil with a job to do. Tasked with using the magic in her blood to keep the lighthouse burning, she needs to prove herself worthy of her family name and her ancestors’ profession.

But the coastline Arden must keep alight – battered by a sea teeming with colossal, ancient beasts – is far from the cultured, urban world she knows. It is a place of secrets, rumours and tight-lipped expectations of a woman’s place. More than anyone, the town folk whisper about Arden’s neighbour, Jonah Riven, the hunter of leviathans. They say he murdered his wife. They say he is as much a monster as his prey.

Amidst all her determination and homesickness Arden cannot get this shadowy stranger out of her head. A plot swirls around the lighthouse keeper, the hunter and the authorities. Arden must make sense of these dark waters – before they wash her away.

Monstrous Heart by Claire McKenna is available in paperback, ebook and on Audiobook

This is where I started and I would recommend beginning here if you haven’t already done so. I adore a good bit of fantasy and love to be transported away and that’s exactly what Claire has done. Immerse yourself in the story and let it whisk you away. The good news is that book 2, Deepwater King is now available in hardback, ebook and on Audiobook. So if you’re looking for a great fantasy series to fall into this summer, this could be just what you’re looking for. Here’s the info for book 2 – this one is high up there on my summer treading pile.

Deepwater King by Claire Mckenna

The sensational follow up to Monstrous Heart; a magical tale of intrigue on dark waters and a love story for the ages. The perfect gothic, gaslamp fantasy – ideal for fans of V.E. Schwab and China Mieville 

Since losing her great love to the Queen of the Sainted Isles, Arden must fulfil an impossible promise before she can return home – she must complete the dangerous Rite that will return Jonah’s spirit to the abyssal Court of the Deepwater King.

This sets her off on a journey far out at sea to find believers of the old religion on the oil-slick and mysterious islands beyond the horizon. But such a responsibility will not come without sacrifice, for the Deepwater folk who worship the king require the most desperate payments the soul, and with one man Arden may have to pay the greatest price of all….

Astonishingly original, with world-building to rival the depths of the ocean, McKenna has drawn a rich tale of longing and courage – penning the perfect oceanic steampunk fantasy.