The Misper by Bea Davenport – A review by Liz Robinson

msisperA tale for young adults about friendship, loyalty, and bullying, while a chilling twist of supernatural haunts the pages.

Anna and Zoe are stuck with Kerry, she follows them around like a puppy dog. Kerry is always on the edge of things, she’s different, and often bullied, when she disappears, will life ever be the same again? Anna tells her own story, her voice feels fresh and authentic, normal teenage problems are on offer, but they begin to warp, to affect Anna and her friends. Bea Davenport writes with a smart, realistic tone, Anna’s thoughts and feelings flow from the page, she is a likeable girl, someone you would want to be friends with.

There are some spine-tingling sections which are deliciously sinister, and you might want a handy cushion to hide behind! With a decidedly dark undertone, The Misper is a captivating, suspense filled tale for young adults, and ultimately very satisfying indeed.

The Misper is published by Conrad Press on the 1st of March 2018

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