All About Us by Tom Ellen

Today I am delighted to be joining the blog tour for the wonderful, wonderful All About Us by Tom Ellen on publication day. Need a little pick me up? Grab yourself a copy for the weekend and sink into this delicious read.


A chance encounter on Christmas Eve leads to the journey of a lifetime in this powerful and unforgettable love story, perfect for fans of Josie Silver, David Nichols and Jojo Moyes.

Ben’s always loved the festive season, but with his marriage to Daphne on the rocks, this year it’s missing its usual magic. So when his old flame Alice gets back in touch, Ben can’t help wonder: did he make the right choice all those years ago?

Everything changes on Christmas Eve when a twinkly-eyed stranger sells Ben a mysterious watch, the hands frozen at one minute to midnight. Opening his eyes the next morning, Ben is astonished to find that he’s been catapulted back to 5th December, 2005: the day that he first kissed Daphne, leaving Alice behind.

Now Ben must make the biggest decision of his life, all over again. But this time around, will he finally find the courage t follow his heart?

All About Us is a deeply moving and uplifting novel about love, loss and heartbreak – and how, with the help of a little magic, it’s never too late to find the one you’ve been searching for.

All About Us by Tom Ellen is published TODAY (15th October 2020)

My thoughts

Oh but this is just glorious. It is wonderful to go back to a world where there is absolutely no hint of the ‘C’ word. An alternate reality if you like and this book is THE perfect antidote to all the rubbish our current reality brings. I’ve read Tom’s YA fiction before, so I certainly didn’t need asking twice to read this, his debut novel for adults.

All About Us introduces us to Ben, a thirty-something who seems to have lost his lust for life. His marriage is on the rocks, his career is non-existent and all the dreams he once had for a bright future seem to have turned to dust. But then an encounter with a scraggly-bearded stranger in the pub changes his life forever.

So that’s enough about the story, I really don’t want to spoil it but let me tell you what I like, no love, about this wonderful novel. It seems to sparkle with a kind of magic, it carries you on, page after page. The characters, well I fell for them hook, line and sinker, and as Ben travels back to his past, reliving some of his best, and worst days, again we see what has brought him to the sad, lonely figure we first met. And how he can help himself out of the slump.

Think of It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol but here, Ben actually gets to relive the past, and perhaps make some changes along the way. But will those changes have any lasting impact when he finally arrives back in 2020? Will he ever find happiness? Perhaps he has been looking in the wrong place after all but real happiness comes from within and just maybe that is the one thing Ben needs to learn.

An absolutely joyful, romantic, thought provoking festive read that will add a lititle sparkle into your life whatever the time of year.

Thank you so much to the lovely team at HQ For inviting me to take part in this blog tour and for sending me a gorgeous review copy. It was such a pleasure to read.

About the author

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellen is the co-author of three critically acclaimed Young Adult novels: Lobsters (which was shortlisted for The Bookseller’s inaugural YA Book Prize), Never Evers and Freshers. His books have been widely translated and are published in 15 countries. He is a regular contributor to Viz magazine, and as a journalist he has written for Cosmopolitan, Empire, Evening Standard Magazine, Glamour, NME, Shortlist, Time Out, Vice and many more. All About Us is his debut novel for adults.

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